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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fuse For Horn

I wrote recently about changing my car horn which unfortunately went unanswered. However from your reply on ther column, I assume that it is possible to do so, provided the specs confirm with the electrical ratings and the installation is wired properly.

According to the fuse chart (interior fuse block) in the Owner's Manual the fuse for the horn is rated 10A. A specific fuse for horn relay is not indicated, although there is a main relay indicated in another fuse chart (engine room).

However, a fuse rating is not stated. Does this mean that there is no dedicated relay for the horn at present? I am seriuosly considering changing the feeble-sounding original horn on my Chevrolet aveo lux to something more "robust-sounding".

Please advise on the type of horn and suitable specs to comply with when replacing the existing horn, particularly on whether a dedicated relay is required and its rating.

The 10A rating for the fuse is all that you need. Most horns have relays already and you need to check if the relay has sufficient capcity for the new horn, or else you need to replace it with one with a higher capacity. Usually the suppliers of the higher capacity horns also supply a relay in the box. Check the wiring diagram in your Owner's Manual and it should tell you the location of the relay.

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