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Thursday, March 26, 2009

ABS System

I bought a new Honda Stream 2.0 i-Vtec year 2005. When I brake at low speed, it was OK but at high speed, 160km/h and above, there was steering vibration. Still under warranty, I sent my car to the Honda workshop. The disc was lathed three times but the problem still persisted.

Finally Honda changed the disc with a new one. The same problem occured. Then I changed the rear brake pads but there is no solution in sight. It is normal for the ABS system?

If the brake discs have been changed and there is no run-out on the disc, then obviously one needs to look at the wheel hubs if they are running true. Even if the car is now out of warranty, and the problem was brought to the attention of the franchisee holders during the warranty period, they are obliged to fix the problem at no cost to you.

I suggest that you make an appoinment to meet the head of the after sales division and have a chat with him about your problem.

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