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Monday, February 9, 2009

Wira Stopping With Engine Running

My Proton Wira Atomatic year 1995 has served me well despite heavy petrol consumption. Two months ago, when I was travelling along the North-South Highway at 115km per hour, there was a very loud humming sound. I later changed the automatic transmission oil, and the sound dissapeared.

But three weeks ago, the car came to a stop with the engine still running. I switched off the engine for a while, and it has not given any trouble since.

I took the car to two mechanics, but they could not find any fault. But after what I told them, they agreed that the auto gearbox is faulty and recommended that it be changed.

1. In your opinion, is the gearbox faulty?
2. Are reconditioned gear box reliable?
3. What will happen if I just leave it alone as it has not given any trouble since?

The beauty about automatic gearboxes is that they give you plenty of warning before they die. I think you have a transmission problem that is serious enough to entail a strip down because the warning signs are there. If you continue, it will fail completely and then it may cost you an arm and a leg to fix.

Personally, I do not like to use secondhand automatic transmissions unless there is some form of warranty on the used parts because one never knows the condition of theinternals. I would prefer that the transmission be stripped down and rebuilt. Overhauling an automatic is easier than doing a manual (if one know what he is doing), and if properly rebuilt, will give you many more years of good service.

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