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Monday, February 9, 2009

Musky Smell

I bought an Avanza auto a month ago. Whenever I switch on the aircon, it emits a strong musky smell. The smell lasts a few second. What's wrong?

Secondly, is it usual for my car to have a "tick tick" sound after I switch off the engine? The sound last for a while.

1. Get the service technician to check if the drain hose from the aircon evaporator is clogged or the tray is not angled properly to let the water drain completely. If so, there will be water collection in the drain pan and when you start the engine/air conditioner, this gives the musky smell. After a while the water condensation dries up and the smell dissappears but when the car stops, the water condensation from the evaporator drips into the drain tray where it collects.

2. The "tick tick" sound may be just the exhaust system cooling down and as it does so, it contracts and you get the clicking noise. Nothing to woory about!

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